Ultra Levure (Ultra Yeast) 50 mg

Saturday, February 27, 2010 at 4:25 AM
The most common side effect I suffer from taking antibiotics and even ibuprofen is that I get an upset stomach and even a diarrhea
. I find this very disturbing that the last time I had to take antiobiotics, I mentioned this immediately to the doctor. He was saying that I should eat yoghurt but since I don’t like eating these products despite the many flavors that are available nowadays, he prescribed Ultra Levure.

Ultra Levure is meant to complement antibiotic treatment and is also a therapy for upset stomach and diarrhea
. It also serves as an oral rehydration therapy when diarrhea is persistent which could lead to dehydration.

This medication is presented in a small bottle of 20 capsules. I love that they are in a capsule form because it is my favorite form of taking any medication
. In addition, the capsules are not big which make them more attractive to me. I just pop it in my mouth and down it with water. There’s no unpleasant aftertaste afterwards.

My children also take this medication when they are on antibiotics and even prefer this over yoghurts (which they like) as it is quicker to take. I understand this as when they are sick, they are not really in the mood to eat anything. They take the suspension version though as at these ages, they are still not able to handle capsules. Moreover, drinking the oral suspension is easier for them as it is tasteless and just milkish in color.

I usually take Ultra Levure 3 times a day – after each meal although the doctor gave me the liberty of choosing when I can take them. However, as I usually take my antibiotics before each meal, I just found it easier to take the complement medication after each meal to simplify matters.

I respond quite quickly to this oral medication and within a day, my stomach felt better with diarrhea altogether disappearing on the 2nd day. As my antibiotic treatment usually lasts for 5-10 days, then I do the same with Ultra-Levure. Once, I do not feel any stomach discomfort anymore which is usually on the 5th or 6th day, then I lower my dosage or skip on it altogether.

I have not experienced any counter reaction to this medication at all. I would expect so because it is meant to mitigate the effects of antibiotics use. If anything, it made taking antibiotics bearable and more comfortable with less queasy stomach and diarrhea occurences.

For this major reason, I would not hesitate to take Ultra Levure again the next time I get an upset stomach
or diarrhea due to antibiotics. It is in an oral form that I like to take, easy to swallow, no side effects and are the best complementary therapy to antibiotic treatment. In fact, it is the only oral therapy I know of which was prescribed to me by my doctor. As to the price, each bottle costs €2,90 which is not a fortune. Overall, it made taking antibiotics easier and with less side effects by improving my digestive system and even preventing diarrhea.


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