Skilax (sulfolax) medicine

Sunday, February 21, 2010 at 10:22 AM
skilax (sulfolax) is a laxative that is used for the treatment of chronic constipation. this is the best available laxative. it is most affective laxative. but it should not be used be for a long time. this laxative is more affective than lactulose and other laxative and it is taken as drops. the drops of laxtaive are mixed in a cup of water and usually 10-15 drops is the main dose. usually i have noticed that it is affective in 8-10 hours but sometimes it takes 10-14 hours. if you have problem of frequent constipation you can try this laxative it is much better and easy to use as compared to the other laxative available in the market but laxative should not be taken for a long and it is recommended that this laxative should not be used for more than a week

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